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About the Author

Lynda Bulla spent many years raising a family and wondering if there was more;  more ways to express herself, more ways to insure that she was doing the best for her children.  So she became on woman on a mission.  Her goal is to create books that can be passed down from today’s children to tomorrow’s children; books that have meaning and value, books about character, responsibility, self-esteem, adventure, kindness and respect.

Her idea of using books to dialogue problems is unique.  “The art of storytelling as a problem solving tool, is lost to many in today’s society.  If you don’t know how to storytell, tell a story with a book and then talk about the message in the book.  It can open up the lines of communication for later years and bigger problems.”  “Our only hope as a society,” says Lynda, “is that we learn from our mistakes and pass that knowledge along to our children.  I hope my books will provide an entertaining guide book for teaching values as well as being well loved and well read by young and old alike.” 



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